Looking After Your Cat on a Hot Day.

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It is extremely important when looking after your cat on a hot day to provide adequate shelter and hydration. This ensures that your cat will be comfortable and will not suffer from the heat and its effects.

It may not be hot where you are right now, however hopefully you will remember these tips when it is and refer back to them. People sometimes forget that their animals have special needs during the extremes of our weather.

On hot days, always provide cool or cold water in and out of the house. Keep ice blocks handy in the freezer during Summer so that they can easily be popped in Kitty’s drinking water. If possible ensure that Kitty is inside and preferably near an airconditioner. Everyone knows that you can’t always tell a cat what to do, so if your cat prefers to stay outside, ensure that there is shade and water. If transporting your cat to an appointment on a hot day, always drop the cat off first, never leave the cat alone in the car, temperatures can rise quickly causing distress, permanent damage, and at worst death.

Be on the watch for signs of heat stroke, including fatigue, loss of appetite, excessive panting, diarrhoea or salivating. Heat stroke is an emergency situation, and if suspected your cat must be taken to the Vet immediately.

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