Cat Litter Tips

Keeping a well maintained Cat Litter Box will keep your cat very happy.

Cats are naturally clean animals, and that means their Kitty Litter just about assumes pride of place in their lives. Unlike dogs, cats instinctively toilet-train themselves. Even so, when setting up and maintaining their litter box and kitty litter, it’s important you get a few things right.


Positioning of the cat litter box is the key to success. The first rule is to keep it separate to where your kitty eats and drinks. Cats usually prefer a quiet, private area to do their business, so placing it next to a noisy washing machine or somewhere with too much traffic won’t work. Make sure it’s always easily accessible, too. Your home may be filled with any number of ingenious hiding places for a litter box – but if you choose to store the box discretely, make sure it’s not hidden from your cat.

Double the Fun

If possible, have two litter boxes at home, particularly if you live in a two-storey house. After all, it makes sense. If your cat can’t get to one litter box, or isn’t comfortable using it for whatever reason, they can go somewhere else. Do you have more than one cat? Well don’t plan on them sharing a litter box. Some cats can accept this, but most definitely will not – and providing only one litter box will likely lead to “accidents” around the house.

If your cat spends most of its time outdoors then still provide a cat litter tray indoors just in case the cat is locked inside accidentally by other members of the household.

Your choice of Kitty Litter is also crucial, as many different types are available. Some are clay-based, some will clump when used and others look like crystals. Experiment with a few types to see which your cat prefers.

Change it up

Cats can be temperamental. They may have been content using their litter box for years, but don’t be surprised if one day they decide it’s no longer acceptable. First of all, consult your vet to rule out any underlying medical issues.

Dirty Work

Your feline friend appreciates a clean litter box and may get anxious if it’s dirty (or stop using it altogether). Scoop waste out of their litter at least daily or, even better, each time your cat uses it. How often you change the entire litter will depend on the type you use, so refer to the directions on the bag.

It also depends on how often your cat uses it. Indoor cats need their litter replaced more often that cats who sometimes do their business outside. Help your cat by refreshing their litter box and changing the type, if required.


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