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The American Idol Contestant and her Special Cat

Ever since I began watching American Idol on the television, I have been a faithful listener. Many contestants have revealed touching episodes of their lives during their time as a contestant. Many of these stories have touched me by making me smile or making tears swell in my eyes.

However on January 27, 2015 I witnessed a touching story about a contestant and her pet. The young lady talked about her cat and how this cat revealed many things to her that helped her achieve many goals. The lady believed she was gifted with an amazing voice but did not know if she was good enough for American Idol.

Before making the decision to appear on the show, she talked with her cat asking him to let her know what she should do. Since the cat had revealed to her many times what she should do, she had faith it would happen again. Finally the cat revealed to her that she should try out for American Idol.

The lady told the judges and the audience about this cat, keep a cat safe by clicking here. The judges seemed to be touched deeply by this amazing story. I was also touched deeply to know that someone loved and believed in their cat this much. The young lady performed and was very impressive.

The judges voted for her to go to Hollywood. I do not know what her future will be with American Idol, but it was very touching to realize just how much a pet can mean to a person. This young lady and her cat have been on my mind ever since that audition. I have thought about how much she must be missing her cat while away from home and how close she feels to this animal when she is with him, a website to help cats. This brought back precious childhood memories as I really loved kittens.

I would want to raise them to be cats and give them the love they deserved. We lived in a small town and did not have access to animals as the kids who lived in the country did. When I visited my cousins who lived in the country and had kittens, I would beg my parents to let me take one home to raise and love unconditionally. Usually I was allowed to take one home if I did not already have one. These were some of the happiest days of my childhood.

I would look after my kitten the way a mom looked after their newborn baby. The kittens seemed to enjoy their life with me except, when I would try to dress them in my doll clothes or give them a bath. These animals showed me much love, and I enjoyed loving them. The saddest time would be when they died. If I lost one, I could hardly wait to return to my cousin’s home to pick out my next kitten, find your lost cat by clicking here.

During those days, animals really did not wander away from home as they do now. I can only imagine how the people feel when they lose their beloved animals. They do not know if their pet is safe, hungry, or needing love. I mourn when I see a sign that a pet has been lost. Who knows where the pet is and how the pet owner must feel.

There needs to be more effective ways of finding pets than hanging signs on poles. I have heard of implanted chips, but I understand they may cause cancer. Who wants that! My prayer for these lost pets and their owner is to find more effective ways to locate them, to prevent many broken hearts. We cannot always prevent our pets from passing away, but we can help keep them to be safe, fed, and loved as long as they live, find out more at this website.

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